"My artwork reveals my love for architecture, nature and still life as I share how I interpret these scenes using pen and ink on paper."

- Janet Jacques, pen & ink artist

Beth C. Burton, Ohio<br /> Commissioning Client
I proudly announce “Janet Jacques” when asked by visitors, “Who did the remarkable artwork of your family home?”

Diane W. Kirtland Hills, Ohio<br /> Commissioning Client
Janet’s work is fabulous! Her artistic insight and ability truly captured the essence of our home. Very professional and timely.

Elmer B. Burton, Ohio<br /> Commissioning Client
I would like to thank you again for drawing the bank where I worked for 42 years. It is one of my favorite possessions, and I love displaying such a professional work of art.

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Spring Fever

This winter while Janet was indoors under piles of snow (what do you expect when living...

Geauga County Maple Season

Reflections of Sugaring original print by Janet Jacques Maple season is here, and...

Pen & Ink Drawing: Outhouse

In this pen and ink sketch, the humorous side of architecture is revealed. Could this be...

Song of Rest

This pen and ink drawing was one of Janet’s earlier compositions. Her architectural compositions do not normally include whimsical details.┬áThe details of tiny birds and climbing vines are unique to this drawing. “Song of Rest” depicts the garden chair to which you can slip away to rest on a warm summer day.

Gate of Faith

This gate does not stand lonely; The path is well-traveled and worn. Chosen ones with...

Burton Log Cabin

Settlers established Burton in 1798 — the first settlement in Ohio’s Geauga...

Burton Village in pen & ink

The architecture in this region is traced back to the early 1800’s with some restored buildings standing proudly for nearly 200 years.

Pen & Ink + Watercolor = Orchids

“Orchids” is a perfect example of how Janet’s pen & ink drawings evolve.

Chautauqua Township Historical Museum

The house museum was originally built in 1818 by James McClurg. Janet’s pen and ink drawing overlaid with watercolors was completed in 2011.

Geauga Fair series

The Great Geauga County Fair is the oldest county fair in Ohio, annually opening its gates since 1823. Celebrating its 190th year, Janet Jacques dedicated this series of 6 drawings to her great county fair.