Artist’s Instruments

Drafting pens have been historically used by architects who sketch architectural designs, definitive drawings and aerial views. Artists (e.g. cartoonists and illustrators) also use the fine-tip drafting pens as the ideal instrument for pen and ink drawings. One tool, many uses.

Instruments and tools for the pen and ink artist

Similar to the old-style dip pens, Jacques individually loads her drafting pens with ink by hand. Her Rapidograph pens come in various tip sizes which allows her more dimension and shape in her drawings.

Architects and pen & ink artists not only share instruments, but also share a drawing process. Swiss Architect Le Corbusier, one of the most influential contributors to Modern Architecture, stated:

When one travels and works with visual things…one uses one’s eyes and draws, so as to fix deep down in one’ experience what is seen. Once the impression has been recorded by a pencil, it stays for good, entered, registered, inscribed.

This same drawing process is used by pen and ink artists, including Jacques who prefers to draw architecture. See more of her drawings in her gallery.